[Ecological transition]: a new debate organised by “Think What Matters”, with Mélanie Marcel, CEO of SoScience

Last Wednesday, 3 February, the Think What Matters (TWM) collective, which includes 17 students from several schools, including Grenoble INP, UGA, INSA Lyon, UGA and Sciences Po Grenoble, got together to organise a new webinar covering the question: “In the future, what role should scientific research play in the ecological transition? ”. Mélanie Marcel, CEO of SoScience and responsible research and innovation expert, was invited as a guest for this debate. SoScience is an innovation platform that aims to shift the focus of scientific research towards society and the common good.

Mélanie Marcel is an engineer by training, and has inspired students with her thoughts on the role of science and innovation in the ecological transition. Drawing from her experience and SoScience’s various projects, she shared her conviction of using technology for the common good.

Many topics were covered, such as responsible innovation and the common good, reflection on the uses of innovation, the role of ethics in science, the attractiveness of the transition for industrial players, the inclusion of citizens, and the educational aspect of the transition.

For the students of Grenoble INP – Phelma, UGA, the message was clear: The time has come for joint research and innovation, and to bring together all the players in technological development: research centres, industrial players, politicians, associations and citizens. The priority should no longer be to rush research and development individually in labs, but rather to think upstream in a collective manner about our needs, the people we are targeting, the different applications, and the end of life of products.
The Think What Matters student collective

Think What Matters currently includes 17 students from various universities, including Grenoble INP, UGA, INSA Lyon, UGA and Sciences Po Grenoble, who are working together on various facets of the ecological transition. They strive to popularise this movement and to promote the inclusion of citizens, all while developing new ideas for increasingly responsible innovation, in particular via the 2Q2F method (which implies asking the right questions in regard to innovation and drafting new specifications for engineering).


Contact : thinkwhatmatters.gre@gmail.com

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