[STARTUP] Antoine, co-founder of SafeHear, professional earphones of the future !

Antoine Kuhnast, a student at Grenoble INP – Phelma, UGA, has taken a year off to fully devote himself to his project. “In the industrial sector, communicating in a noisy environment while remaining safe is virtually impossible. ”. It is specifically this issue that drove Antoine to create his startup, SafeHear. Thanks to an innovative hearing protection solution, the product aims to preserve the auditory health of professionals that work in noisy environments!

Antoine’s journey

Antoine has always been drawn by technologies relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and signal processing. After obtaining his technical diploma in Grenoble, he naturally gravitated to Phelma. It was a great opportunity to both learn and strengthen his scientific knowledge, while benefiting from the wealth of technology and innovation that Grenoble has to offer. Antoine has taken a year off between his 1st and 2nd year, which allows him to substantially advance on his project while beginning to recruit qualified people to help him upon his return to school. He will be integrating Embedded systems and connected objects (SEOC), a joint course with Grenoble INP – Ensimag, UGA, which is, according to him, the ideal course to further his project.

The SafeHear startup

SafeHear is a startup that develops microcontroller-embedded augmented reality solutions. Its goal is to use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to increase the physical and psychological capacities of individuals. The startup’s first product is an earphone that allows operators to communicate in a noisy environment without having to remove their hearing protection. By the end of 2021, the startup will complete a €700k fundraising campaign to finance the research programmes, part of the industrialisation process and the commercial launch. The industrialisation process will kick-off in June and will take about a year. During this time, the team will continue their field tests and pre-sales to optimise several features and launch new R&D programmes.

SafeHear : https://safehear.fr/


Antoine Kuhnast's interview (french) :