Tuition fees

Tuition fees 2023/2024

Tuition fees are composed of the registration fees set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC).

The amounts for the year 2023/2024 should be available at the end of June/beginning of July 2023..

Students with CROUS scholarships are exempt from the national fee.
Applications for scholarships on social criteria from the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research should be made directly on the CROUS website.

For international students from outside the European Union,

the institution applies the regulations which lead to the payment of different registration fees by students from outside the European Union.

See information sheet for non-EU tuition fees

Payment of the full tuition fees does not necessarily have to be made at the beginning of the academic year An instalment plan of payment may be set up, but a first payment must be made in July when registering.

If the personal situation justifies it, a partial or total exemption may be decided, on request, by the Student Social Commission. The Commission’s decision is based on a social evaluation with an examination of the financial resources of the student and his/her family. This request can only be made after registration.

CVEC 95 €

Indicative rates in force for 2022-2023

Tuition fees for international programs

Students in the FAME AIS and AMIS international programs are exempt from “tuition fees” and must pay the CVEC as well as additional program fees depending on whether they are European or not.

EMINE International master students are exempt from “tuition fees” and must pay the CVEC as well as additional program fees if they are not beneficiaries of the InnoEnergy grant.